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Here is an archive of the news that happened to me.

  • I recorded a talk for the CTIDH paper at CHES 2021. The video is available here on Youtube, the paper is available here, and the paper and software in their latest version are also available at
  • I lectured about the DDH paper at the Isogeny School. Notes are available here. Scribbles from Aug 12 sessions: morning session and evening session.
  • During July 26-30, 2021, I am TAing for Kristin Lauter at the PCMI Graduate Summer School 2021. Videos from the lectures will be available at the PCMI YouTube channel.
    Materials are available here.
  • Our paper "CTIDH: Faster constant-time CSIDH" is online! A collaboration with Gustavo Banegas, Daniel J. Bernstein, Fabio Campos, Tung Chou, Tanja Lange, Michael Meyer, Benjamin Smith.
    Check out the website with the paper and the software.
    The paper is also on eprint as Report 2021/633.

  • Our paper "Explicit connections between supersingular isogeny graphs and Bruhat--Tits trees" with Laia Amorós, Annamaria Iezzi, Kristin Lauter and Chloe Martindale is on eprint!
    The current version is also accessible here.
    I have given two talks about the paper and you can see my exposition in these notes here. Please contact me with any comments!

  • I will be a TA at the (online) PCMI 2021 Graduate Summer School (July 26-30, 2021) for the course of Kristin Lauter on Supersingular Isogeny Graphs in Cryptogprahy.
  • In Spring 2021, I am running a reading group at QuSoft on quantum algorithms for isogeny problems.
  • (7/23) I gave a talk at the student-organized ANTS summer school on "Elliptic curves, isogenies, and endomorphism rings". The talk is available on Youtube
    and the write-up is here (rough draft but includes references and comments).
  • (6/03) I gave a talk at the Linfoot number theory seminar in Bristol. The slides or write-up
  • (6/03) I will be at the Isogeny-based cryptography summer school in Bristol, December 14-18 2020.
  • (3/10) I will be giving a talk about my work in the afternoon QSC session of the Dutch Mathematical Congress (NMC). Links to the abstract and for the conference schedule. Unfortunately, the NMC has been cancelled but might still happen at a different date.
  • (2/14) Breaking DDH with genus theory with Wouter Castryck and Fre Vercauteren is out! The eprint article is here.
    For a cool explanation see this blogpost by Steven Galbraith or Luca de Feo's take on Twitter!
  • (1/20) I will be a TA for the course on Supersingular Isogeny Graphs by Kristin Lauter during the Park City Mathematical Institute 2020 in July 2020. (7/23) The program has been rescheduled to July, 2022.
  • I was a visiting graduate student at the The Quantum Wave in Computing semester program at the Simons Center from Jan 20 to Feb 7, 2020.