Articles and other work

  • CTIDH: Faster constant-time CSIDH
    Gustavo Banegas, Daniel J. Bernstein, Fabio Campos, Tung Chou, Tanja Lange, Michael Meyer, Benjamin Smith, Jana Sotáková
    Most recent version of the paper and the code is available at
    Also available as video on Youtube, and a published paper and eprint Report 2021/633.
  • Explicit connections between supersingular isogeny graphs and Bruhat--Tits trees
    Laia Amorós, Annamaria Iezzi, Kristin Lauter, Chloe Martindale, and Jana Sotáková
    To appear in WIN-E 3 proceedings.
    The paper is available on eprint. The current version is also accessible here.
    I have given two talks about the paper and you can see my exposition in these notes here.
  • Breaking the decisional Diffie-Hellman problem for class group actions using genus theory
    Wouter Castryck and Jana Sotáková and Frederik Vercauteren
    Here is the published paper, which received the Best Paper Award at Crypto 2020.
    Also available on eprint.
  • Adventures in Supersingularland
    joint work with Sarah Arpin, Catalina Camacho-Navarro, Kristin Lauter, Joelle Lim, Kristina Nelson and Travis Scholl
    Accepted at Experimental Mathematics.
    preprint available at eprint or at arXiv.
  • Eta quotients and class fields of imaginary quadratic fields
    masters thesis under the supervision of Marco Streng (Leiden, 2017) available here
Here is a link to my dblp page.